David is a meteorologist working for a private firm responsible for weather impacts to energy and agricultural commodities around the globe. Prior to moving to Philadelphia, he worked in Cincinnati for a local power and gas utility. David began his career as a weather officer in the United States Air Force with the distinct privilege of being a lead forecaster for the global Air Force One mission. He obtained a B.S. and M.S. in meteorology from Penn State.

David grew up near Boston and his athletic pursuits were land-based, not aquatic. An avid runner since a young age he has twice completed the Marine Corps marathon. He now he splits time between biking, running shorter distances, golf, and weightlifting.

David has three children; his oldest son is a swimmer at Fordham University, and his daughter has her older brother's swimmer bug and competes for a local club team. The oldest began swimming in Ohio at age five so Dave has seen a lifetimes worth of meets, practices, coaching styles and served in various positions on parent steering committees. He became involved in the Philadelphia Aquatic Center in 2014 out of the desire to see a first-class facility for training and competition. 

/Dave D'Arcangelo