The Valley Forge Aquatic Center has a three-fold mission:

  • To teach children to swim and help them develop through aquatic sports,
  • To inspire excellence in competitive aquatics,
  • To encourage lifelong fitness for people of all ages and abilities.

Community Instruction, Youth Development & Water Safety

At the Valley Forge Aquatic Center, we are passionate about teaching children water safety and how to swim and, along the way, enabling them to become happier, healthier and more productive throughout their lives. Research shows that learning to swim at a young age provides a basis for the lifelong enjoyment of aquatic-based recreation, fitness, and safety, contributing to an overall healthy lifestyle. Swimming comes easily to most children when given proper instruction early, between ages 2 and 8. On the other hand, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), drowning is the number two cause of accidental death in children aged 1-14, after auto accidents. Minority children are especially at risk, with drowning rates as high as 10 times those of white children, as reported by the CDC. As children mature – and swim lessons become swim practices – they experience the joy of setting and achieving goals. Through training for water sports like swimming, diving, water polo, or synchronized swimming, young people learn the value of discipline, the benefits of sacrifice and hard work, the thrill of supporting teammates. Coaches teach and mentor youth to develop as swimmers and as people. These life skills serve swimmers in school, in the community, in the workplace, and ultimately in their own families.

Aquatic Training, Competition & Major Event Hosting

The Valley Forge Aquatic Center is designed, in part, to provide opportunities and inspire those who decide to pursue competitive water sports beyond a passing or summertime interest. Twenty-seven 25yd short course lanes will enable ample training time for local high school, college and club teams. The fast, deep pool, with room for 1300+ spectators, will be a magnet for local and regional swim meets. The 50-meter lane configuration – the standard for the Olympics and other international meets – will be in high demand as one of only two indoor facilities in the greater Philadelphia region. The deep water section facilitates water polo and synchronized swimming, and the diving well will be the most complete of its kind within a 90 minute drive in any direction. The Valley Forge Aquatic Center will become known as a center of excellence for coaching, where proven techniques and approaches are studied, mastered and passed on.

Lifelong Fitness, Wellness & Physical Rehabilitation

The Valley Forge Aquatic Center is also designed to encourage multi-generational, lifelong fitness through water sports and activities, which can be enjoyed by anyone of any fitness level or ability. Masters and senior swimming groups will provide a network of support and camaraderie. Those who can’t swim can still benefit from a wide range of aquatic fitness programs, water walking or running, or cross-training for all levels of intensity. Because water training puts minimal stress on joints, it is ideal for people who have difficulty with traditional land-based exercise programs, such as surgery patients requiring low-impact rehab, those trying to lose weight, those with disabilities and seniors. The Valley Forge Aquatic Center will feature special offerings and equipment for aqua therapy and rehab, engendered by close relationships with nearby hospitals and healthcare providers who are desperately searching for a targeted and effective local aquatic provider for patients needing rehabilitation. The medium of water is also an ideal environment for a wide range of programs for those with special needs. The Valley Forge Aquatic Center will provide in-house special needs programming and will work with local organizations for Special Olympics, Paralympics, veterans and more. The Valley Forge Aquatic Center will become a broad-based community wellness center serving all who live in the western suburbs of Philadelphia.